Van Andel Institute


Van Andel Institute began with a vision: to improve human health.

Founded by the Van Andel family in 1996, the Institute is now home to more than 400 scientists, educators and support staff – each one of us deeply connected to the work we do and driven by an urgent desire to make a difference.

Every day, we collaborate at the forefront of fundamental and translational science in pursuit of breakthrough treatment strategies for cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases. Through shared values and an entrepreneurial spirit, we spark innovation to multiply the impact of discovery and answer critical questions for our world.

We believe that hope for tomorrow lives in the students of today. Our Graduate School offers a rigorous, research-intensive Ph.D. program that develops leaders in molecular and cellular biology. Our inquiry-based approaches for K–12 education help create classrooms where curiosity, creativity and critical thinking thrive.


  • Bostwick Avenue Northeast,333, 49503, Grand Rapids