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Alfred Nobel Open Business School Ltd. is a professional umbrella holding, which uses its institutional relations to provide the highest standards of academic activities. We are proud to outsource other prestigious university and college partners and their reputable scholars and curricula by striving for scholarly excellence from a more pragmatic, business-related perspective.

This cohesive strategy enables us to play a leading role in the world of distance education in four continents. At the same time, we do not only benefit from the highest technological background of Hong Kong S.A.R., but also from its flexible educational legal norms.

The holding company registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of P.R. China (reg. no. 1709134) has gained the support of the government-accredited ZSKF King Sigismund College (Budapest), one of Hungary’s foremost institutions of higher education as well as by other strategic university partners in Asia and the most developed countries of Asia.

Based on our strong partnership with several European and Asian higher educational partners, we have a growing reputation for online postgraduate courses. However, we also remain true to our commitment to excellence in teaching and close contact between students and faculty members. Offering a world of possibilities, all of the school’s traditional open MBA, preparatory and doctoral programmes have been extensively internationalized to give students the global competence they need to compete both in their countries of residence and abroad.

“Knowledge is reborn.” This is our very important motto during times of world crises and represents how we feel about opportunities and responsibilities. By joining us at Alfred Nobel Open Business School, one can experience the manifold opportunities in keeping with the mission statement and continued commitment of the business school.

With our new standards in open business education, you will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to live an informed world and achieve the success necessary for a satisfying professional life.

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Alfred Nobel Open Business School

We’re launching our NEW doctorate course (Ph.D.) as from the registration deadline 29th March 2019. Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland conducts the doctorate c ... [+]

We’re launching our NEW doctorate course (Ph.D.) as from the registration deadline 31th July 2019.

Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland conducts the doctorate course that covers 6 semesters in a close partnership with Polish state universities. The languages of learning and thesis defending are English and German, and the course involves a 3 days seminar in Poland and 1 seminar during each semester held by ANOBS in Vienna.

The total cost of the 6 semesters doctoral course, assessment and graduation make up 37.000 euros of which the first 30 applicants are granted a 20 percent allowance by ANOBS.

Informative material on our doctoral course and degree

For all those enquirers who have achieved their MSc degrees and are interested in applying for a newly established doctorate course that is valued and approved all over the world, in order to become Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) starting from the registration deadline: 31th July 2019,... [-]

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