The choice of a course or a school is a key moment in the life of any student. At the Universidade Lusófona do Porto (ULP), we believe our school and its courses have many relevant aspects that invite all those who are currently facing these choices, to choose to study at the Universidade Lusófona do Porto. Let us consider this: all our courses are accredited by the A3ES, an entity responsible for the evaluation and quality assurance of higher education in Portugal; all our courses have employment rates above the national average in the training areas in which they operate; we have a highly qualified faculty composed of many people of recognized merit and prestige in their areas; we are located in the university centre of Lisbon, with excellent accessibility and location; we offer a large and well-organized campus, which includes high-quality equipment and laboratories; we are part of an educational project with a unique international profile, which is present in all Portuguese-speaking countries, offering a unique cultural and educational experience. For all these reasons, we believe that we are the best option. We believe that we give you reasons to choose us and share with us this unique experience of being part of a large project, the educational project of the Universidade Lusófona do Porto.

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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

The PhD in Architecture, University of Porto Lusophone has as main objective the training of researchers and teachers in the area of ​​Architecture. This proposal seeks t ... [+]

Conditions of Entry

a) Holders of master's degree or equivalent in architecture or related fields b) Bachelor's degree holders, holders of a relevant academic or scientific curriculum recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this EC by C. C .from SCAIT -ULHT and the DC-FCATI ULP; c) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this EC by DC and the DC SCAIT the FCATI.

It is intended to capture a student profile: 1) interested in research on the integration of architecture in society, considering the areas that interact with it, particularly from the social point of view, cultural, technical and economic; 2) open to interdisciplinary knowledge; 3) committed to promote, in academic and or professional contexts, technological, social or cultural progress.... [-]

Portugal Porto
October 2019
Portuguese (Portugal)
6 semesters
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