This institution was built by a group of global educators with experiences across the world. After witnessing the constant changes facing the business world and the root cause of traditional education, we decided to act. This institution was designed and is led by passionate educators with experiences from top universities across the world like Stanford and Pace University in the US, University of Liverpool and London School of Business and Finance in the UK, University of International Business and Economics and Beijing University in China, Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France, U21 Global University in Singapore, University of Professional Studies in Ghana, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and, many more top institutions within respective regions.

Individual Holistic Development


We integrate your educational journey with an individual development plan. This starts from the initial enrollment of the learner in our institution and continually develops through every module. Some of the conscious developments include emotional intelligence, confidence, and innovation capabilities. Before starting a module, your professors integrate your personal developmental needs into the learning process before you walk into the first class. You never start as an unknown individual who is part of a list of students. Our integrated system of individual holistic development accelerates the momentum of your development as you progress through each module.



Integrated development of students is not present in most universities, much less holistic development. Professors start each module seeing students as a "blank slate", unaware of any unique developmental needs or goals of each student. Your development typically starts from "0" with each semester.

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Unforgettable! Not just with transformational experiences, but also with everything that you learn. Unlike traditional education where you forget most of what you learn, ... [+]


The Ph.D. in Business course is designed for leaders who have a passion for research, innovation, a desire to make a profound difference through education. If you hope to gain tremendous credibility and desire to become a recognized expert in a specific field, this course will propel you like nothing you have ever experienced. Within a proven executive development framework, the curriculum design offers an unrivaled strategic focus on your growth as an integrated individual from a multiple intelligences perspective, in addition to the scholarly development. Designed by globally renowned researchers and experts in various business fields, the course enables you to begin the journey as a systemic scholar through original research and further develop key theories that help societies advance from a unique cultural perspective. With a focus on grounded theory, this course provides you with the critical and systemic thought necessary for creating innovative theories and concepts that transform your business environment.... [-]

Malta Mosta
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