University of California Santa Barbara


The mid-sized College of Engineering at University of California Santa Barbara is consistently ranked among the upper echelon of engineering schools in the world. University of California Santa Barbara Engineering provides students with the direct academic mentorship they need to build a successful career and to complete degree programs on time.

We are an interdisciplinary campus, where a culture of innovation drives the development of both fundamental science and applied technology solutions, while adding value to the economy in our region, our state, and the world. University of California Santa Barbara Engineering has proven itself to be one of the most successful environments for public-private research partnership in the nation; the deep, varied, and numerous connections forged with industry have resulted in hundreds of intellectual properties.

The mission of the College of Engineering is to provide its students a firm grounding in scientific and mathematical fundamentals; experience in analysis, synthesis, and design of engineering systems; and exposure to current engineering practice and cutting edge engineering research and technology. A spirit of entrepreneurship in education, scholarly activity and participation in engineering practice infuses University of California Santa Barbara’s College of Engineering.


  • 3106, Santa Barbara