The University of Iowa


The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy recognizes the power of synergy in raising the level of health care for Iowa, and beyond. We are committed to interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration, fostering an environment of teamwork and breakthrough thinking.

Our students, faculty, and friends are encouraged to explore and discover who they want to be in the world of pharmacy and to develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to realize their dreams. We believe each of us has the potential to make a real and lasting difference, and we strive to help every member of our community reach his or her potential – to discover their own personal excellence.

When it comes to innovation, the college has a clear, distinctive philosophy. Through education, research, and patient care, we steadfastly pursue solutions to pressing challenges that matter to the people we serve. From the discovery of new drug therapies to ground-breaking delivery models for patient care, we are advancing the world of pharmacy.


  • 2242, Iowa City