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565 PhD Programs in USA for 2024



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  • Economic Studies (24)
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PhD Programs in USA

The USA is a popular location for students from all over the world to pursue postgraduate education. The USA hosts many prestigious universities that offer top-quality education that can lead candidates pursuing a PhD in USA into successful careers, whether in academia, research institutes, government, or other private or public agencies.

There is a wide range of PhD in USA programs across the nation. Every state has something unique to offer, as well as top-notch educational institutions. Candidates can consider the exciting and cutting-edge states of New York or California, or may prefer states with amazing natural scenery and beauty such as Vermont or Colorado. Wherever the program is located, candidates pursuing a PhD in USA will conduct significant research in partnership with qualified faculty, resulting in a dissertation that provides a significant contribution to the current knowledge base. Some candidates will also participate in coursework, teaching, and seminars as part of the PhD in USA programs. Common USA PhD programs include political science, biological sciences, anthropology, sociology, psychology, engineering, and education.

If you are interested in earning your USA PhD, then scroll through the options below and find the university that is waiting for you!