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PhD Programs in Technology Studies

A PhD is often the most advanced post-graduate degree offered by an institution. A master’s degree may be a prerequisite to program acceptance. Successful candidates can achieve their doctorate in five to eight years.

What is a PhD in Technology? Programs at this level involve study and research using advanced technologies and draw from multiple disciplines, including math, science and economics. Individuals may choose from a considerable array of specialization areas. Students attracted to design and architecture may gravitate towards construction management or mechanical engineering. Those with a passion for the environment may participate in a program concentrating on sustainable development. Close collaboration with an advisor can help tailor the focus to meet the individual’s needs and reduce program duration.

PhD candidates often display exceptional research and analytical skills. Students can identify, evaluate and synthesize research results to solve complex problems and communicate sophisticated concepts. Interpersonal and planning skills can aid individuals in their personal life and in moving up in their current profession.

College and university costs vary from one to another. Level and intensity of the program, length and location may be factors that affect the fees. It is important for students to fully research programs and schools before enrolling to ensure their goals can be met.

Careers for individuals completing a doctoral program are highly competitive in traditional PhD arenas, such as administrator or professor positions at the highest levels of academia. Researchers in the medical and healthcare industries may be in demand, with advancement opportunities. Nontraditional roles can include program director at a consultancy or as a think tank analyst where complex problem-solving requires analytical thinking and creativity. The nonprofit sector has opportunities ranging from policy creators to fundraiser.

Earning a PhD in Technology could launch successful careers in new industries and improve earning potential.  Accredited programs are available in universities worldwide as well as online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.