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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 6 Doctors of Philosophy  (PhD) Programs in Microbiology 2023

6 PhD Programs in Microbiology 2023


PhD level courses offer advanced study in doctoral programs, sought after as  the highest level of education available through university degree programs. Many schools offer research fellowships and other doctoral programs aimed at cultivating scientific growth.

Those seeking a scientific education may ask “What is a PhD in Microbiology?” Doctoral-level studies in microbiology focus on advanced application of scientific techniques to study microorganisms and how they affect human life, technology, the ecosystem, and other factors in natural science. Often microbiology programs focus on the next generation of advanced technology used in development of biology-based technologies that provide significant advantages at a commercial level. Microbiology can also focus on bacterial diseases and their identification, prevention, and treatment.

In a microbiology program, students often acquire such advanced abilities as cell sample preparation and cell culturing. They can also attain capabilities applicable in a number of settings, such as exceptional presentation and speaking skills.

Each microbiology program is unique to its university and thus may have unique cost structures. Consult with prospective universities and their admissions staff to understand the expenses inherent in attending their program.

Careers in microbiology can vary widely due to the universal application of microbiological principles. A PhD graduate in microbiology may go on to be a pathologist or researcher, working in disease control and prevention by researching bacterial pathogens and devising cures. Other graduates may end up as food scientists, using their knowledge of microbiology to understand how microorganisms impact food production and development. Some microbiologists have even moved onto work in the field of energy production, exploring alternative methods for biofuel and energy generation using microorganisms.

To find the right program in microbiology, students should consider factors such as location and online availability, including whether they want to study locally or abroad. For additional information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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