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4 PhD Programs in Humanities Studies International Studies 2024



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    PhD Programs in Humanities Studies International Studies

    A Doctor of Philosophy is a high-level degree available to scholars who already have bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Average students take three years to complete this program, which usually culminates their academic journey.

    What is a PhD in International Studies? International studies can cover a wide range of subjects, including international political economy, international relations and comparative politics. The exact focus of the education may be chosen by the students or the school. Each university can have unique curriculum that incorporates lectures, dissertations, discussions and workshops into the courses. Even the required courses can be different from school to school. Some examples of courses scholars may have to take during this program include international politics, economics throughout history and ethnic conflict.

    A PhD in International Studies is beneficial because it helps students improve their research skills, cultural understanding and communication abilities. With these honed skill sets, participants may be ready for a leadership role or a higher starting salary, as well as becoming more informed global citizens.

    The cost of a doctorate degree can vary greatly from school to school. Often, location, program duration and topic of study affect tuition.

    A PhD in international Studies often leads to a career in academia, but can also lead to jobs in government, nonprofit organizations or international corporations. The exact careers available will depend on the job market and the academic and work experiences of scholars. Some graduates go on to become international trade researchers, cultural specialists, international program directors, professors, researchers, journalists, policymakers, global sales communications officers, humanitarians and international project coordinators.

    Are you ready to apply to a PhD program? You may be able to find the program you want at universities around the world. Some even offer online courses for convenient learning. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.