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23 PhD Programs in Engineering Studies Environmental Engineering 2024



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    PhD Programs in Engineering Studies Environmental Engineering

    Generally taken as a follow-up to a master’s degree program, a PhD program generally takes years to complete, and once complete, distinguishes a graduate as a leading expert in a field related to science. With a PhD, scholars usually graduate with specialized skills which may help them find a career.

    What is a PhD in Environmental Engineering? It’s a doctoral program with a focus on the environmental sciences. Students in this program receive specialized training in the major areas of natural sciences, including sustainable energy, geo-energy systems and natural engineering. Different courses students should expect to take while in the program may include environmental sustainability and renewable energy, sustainable transportation systems, hydrology and civil infrastructure materials and modeling. As a capstone of this program, scholars should expect to conduct and defend a dissertation to a panel of other industry experts, and they may be expected to complete an exam.

    Graduates with a PhD in Environmental Engineering are generally knowledgeable about how to apply research studies in a practical environment. In addition to research skills, graduates should also have outstanding presentation, mathematical and organizational skills. These can help them when job hunting.

    The cost to obtain a PhD can vary depending on how long it takes to complete a program at the individual school. Students should research costs to understand the complete breakdown and reach out to schools with any questions.

    Those who earn their PhD in Environmental Engineering can expect to have a variety of jobs waiting for them upon graduation. Many environmental engineers spend a great deal of their time outdoors using their skills to conduct soil, groundwater and sustainable energy research to develop viable solutions to keep our planet healthy. Others work to improve upon public health concerns such as air pollution, waste disposal and recycling.

    Schools around the world offer PhD programs in environmental engineering for those who cannot make it to a physical classroom. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.