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9 PhD Programs in General Studies Science Studies Applied Sciences 2024



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PhD Programs in General Studies Science Studies Applied Sciences

A PhD is the highest academic degree awarded by universities and is the culmination of years of study. Students who enroll in a PhD program wish to intensely focus on a subject matter for personal and professional gain.

What is a PhD in Applied Sciences? Applied sciences refers to a diverse field of study areas including mathematics, engineering, computer science and health fields. Scholars typically continue their studies in their chosen field after they have completed a master’s program, and they study with professors and advisors who have expertise and experience in the field. To graduate, students typically must have completed a number of core course requirements, a final state examination and a doctoral thesis.

Students who graduate with a PhD in Applied Sciences have usually shown a mastery of a particular area of study, such as engineering or computer science. This expertise may lead to career advancement. They also may have learned critical-thinking skills and the ability to solve complicated math problems.

Expenses for a program in applied sciences vary from country to country due to such factors as fieldwork expenses, room and board, meal plans and tuition. Prospective students should contact specific universities to learn more about the overall expenses.

After being awarded a PhD in Applied Sciences, graduates may look for work in a variety of fields, depending on the focus of their degree. They may find work in universities, engineering firms, large and small corporations, government entities and non-profit organizations. They are typically hired as mathematics professors, IT analysts, software programmers, engineers, healthcare managers and project managers.

Programs for applied sciences are offered throughout Europe, Australia and the United States, with options for the duration of each program as well as a choice of fields of study. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.