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PhD Programs in Administration Studies

The PhD is the highest degree students can earn. It typically takes three or four years to complete and primarily revolves around independent research in order to write a thesis, which must be an original contribution to knowledge. Completion of a PhD program establishes graduates as academics in their field.

What is a PhD in Administration? This field of study revolves around business management and operation. In some cases, researching administration may also require students to learn about accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, or statistics in order to develop their thesis. Essentially, the field of administration covers nearly all areas of management and leadership in the corporate world. Business administration and strategies are common aspects that students may choose to incorporate in their studies as well.

Working toward a PhD in Administration helps students develop leadership and organizational skills essential in the business administration field. The area of study also focuses extensively on business knowledge and operational ability.

The school and country a student studies in will determine the cost of earning a PhD. Remember that as the highest level of education, PhD programs typically cost more than undergraduate or master’s degree programs and at least two or three years of study is usually required.

Like most fields a PhD can be earned in, a PhD in Administration prepares students to become a professor or researcher to pass business administration knowledge to future generations. While entering academics is the most common path for PhD holders, there are other careers one can pursue with this degree. It is possible to work as a business executive or entrepreneur, a business consultant, an investment banker, or a financial analyst.

The best way to start the journey toward a PhD is to decide whether a local, foreign, or online school works best for you and to research specific programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.