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University of Pretoria - Faculty of Economic and Management Science PhD (Industrial Systems)
University of Pretoria - Faculty of Economic and Management Science

PhD (Industrial Systems)

Pretoria, South Africa

2 Years


Full time

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PhD (Industrial Systems)

Subject to the stipulations of General Academic Regulations G42, a master's degree is required for admission to studies for a PhD.

Unless otherwise decided by the Dean, on the recommendation of the supervisor, the PhD degree is awarded on the basis of a thesis and an examination on the thesis. Conferment of the degree may be made subject to compliance with the stipulations of this regulation.

The number of articles that have to be submitted to an accredited journal(s) on submission of a doctoral thesis should be a minimum of two. Departments may, however, require a higher number, as specified in their postgraduate brochures or departmental websites. At the latest, just before the department submits the final result of a thesis to the Dean, a student should submit proof of submission of articles issued by an accredited journal(s), to the head of the department, for his/her recommendation to the Dean. The submitted articles should be based on the research that the student has conducted for the thesis and should have been approved by the supervisor. The affiliations of both the student and supervisor should be listed as the University of Pretoria.

The student must provide proof by means of his or her work, thesis and examination of advanced original research and/or creative work which makes a real and substantial contribution to the knowledge of Engineering Science and/or Practice.


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