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University of Airlangga Doctor of Economics
University of Airlangga

Doctor of Economics

Surabaya, Indonesia

3 Years


Full time

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IDR 12,500,000 / per semester *

Distance Learning, On-Campus

* Indonesian Applicants Education Fee; Admission Fee: 15000000 IDR; Matriculation Fee: 5000000 IDR. International Applicants Education Fee: 25000000 IDR; Admission Fee: 35000000 IDR; Matriculation Fee: 12500000 IDR


Welcome to Doctoral Program in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga

Today, public attention at the national, regional, and international levels on the discipline of economics is getting bigger. Most elements in society try to seek knowledge and information about the development of an economy and its impact due to the increasingly integrated global economy.

This trend requires academics, industry, government, and parliament at various levels to not only be able to analyze economic information or data but also to have adequate knowledge to be able to see the increasingly complex relationships of various economic variables. Doctoral Program in Economics Universitas Airlangga offers the best prospective students to gain up-to-date knowledge and analytical skills on various issues in the field of economics.

Doctoral Program in Economics FEB Unair is one of the strengths of Universitas Airlangga in producing graduates with the main characteristics of having leadership character and a strong commitment to change and improvement. This program is expected to be a major contributor in producing quality research so that it plays a role in the development of science and development. The high contribution of this program reflects the quality of the lecturers, researchers, and students who become stakeholders important in the educational process. Let's join us, Doctoral Program in Economics FEB Unair.

Purpose Of The Doctoral Study Program Of Economic Science FEB Unair

  1. Organizing educational programs that are able to encourage and facilitate students to have a high academic capacity are professional, innovative, and have competitiveness.
  2. Organizing and developing study programs that are professional and oriented to the satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Creating a conducive academic atmosphere in learning and research so that it can support student success in studies by upholding academic values ​​and ethics.



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