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University of Connecticut College of Engineering Graduate Programs PhD Material Sciences and Engineering
University of Connecticut College of Engineering Graduate Programs

PhD Material Sciences and Engineering

Storrs, USA

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Materials science and engineering is an interdisciplinary field that studies the structure, properties, and performance of materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, biomaterials, nanomaterials, composites, and more. It combines principles from chemistry, physics, and various engineering disciplines to understand how materials form, how they behave under real-world conditions, and how they can be used to create new technologies and products.

Materials Science is present in nearly every field of engineering, and in every aspect of your modern world. The demand for newer, stronger, cheaper, lighter, more functional and more sustainable materials is inherent in all types of industries. Materials science and engineering majors develop the materials that make the technologies we use in our everyday lives better

Ph.D. Program

To earn a doctoral degree in the Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) program, students must follow the general rules and regulations for the Doctoral degree as established by the Graduate School in the latest Graduate Catalog. There are additional requirements for a PhD degree in MSE that are detailed under Sec. I – Requirements.

The typical duration of a Doctoral degree is 5 years beyond the Baccalaureate degree or 3 years beyond the Master’s degree. Most graduate students enrolled in the PhD program are supported by some form of an assistantship (graduate, research, or teaching). Research assistantships are funded by grants from the federal government, the State government, or private industry. Graduate and teaching assistantships are funded by the University. All forms of assistantships carry with them a stipend and an attractive benefits package, including medical and dental insurance. Most assistantships include at least partial coverage for tuition


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