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Tulane University

Tulane University


Tulane University is a private research institution located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is a highly respected university with a diverse and dynamic community of students, faculty, and staff who come together to pursue academic excellence and make positive contributions to society.

One of the distinctive features of Tulane University is its commitment to interdisciplinary education, research, and engagement. The university offers a wide range of programs and initiatives that encourage students, faculty, and staff to work across traditional academic boundaries and explore complex issues from multiple perspectives.

For example, Tulane has several interdisciplinary centers and institutes, such as the Murphy Institute for Political Economy, the Tulane Brain Institute, and the Newcomb Institute for Women's Leadership, that bring together scholars from different disciplines to collaborate on cutting-edge research and provide unique educational opportunities for students.

Tulane also offers several interdisciplinary degree programs, such as the Bachelor of Science in Management and Legal Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and the Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development. These programs draw on the expertise of faculty from multiple disciplines to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of complex issues and prepare them for careers in a variety of fields.

Overall, Tulane University's interdisciplinary approach fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration, and prepares students to be global citizens who can tackle complex challenges and make meaningful contributions to society.


  • New Orleans

    1430 Tulane Ave. MC 8513, 70112, New Orleans