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Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris

Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris

Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris


Founded in 1963, the ISC Paris Group is one of France’s few private, independent higher education groups–founded by business and educational visionary Paul Icard. The ISC Paris Group focuses on two “educational brands”: ISC Paris Grande École is one of the top 20 French Grandes Écoles that belong to the Conférence des grandes écoles. ISC Paris holds three international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA, and EPAS. ISC Paris Global Programs is a leader in developing specialized degree programs that require three to five years of university study after high school (Bac+3 to Bac+5 in the French system), and Executive Education programs.

Paul Icard was a multi-talented and dynamic personality–a human resources director, artist, student of abstract art pioneer Francis Picabia, a student of psychology, and the author of a book on workplace psychology.

Icard’s ambition was to select and train the next generation of corporate managers. He saw the corporation as a living organism, open to the outside world and able to adapt to any situation. To help students grow from learners into agile professionals capable of reflection, action, and open-mindedness, Icard envisioned a curriculum in which students were most importantly entrepreneurs in every situation they encountered: in the classroom, in associations, in Student Enterprises, in their businesses, and in every situation they could envision.

Icard’s Vision

In the ISC Paris Group, we are committed to keeping Paul Icard’s groundbreaking inspiration alive. We strive to be the top educational group for Action Learning and management education, with an emphasis on active instruction, the student experience, innovation, and multiculturalism–all for the benefit of our students’ personal and professional growth.

Our Mission

In the ever-changing corporate world, we can summarize our mission as follows:

To enable our learners to reveal their talents which serve society and enterprises for a sustainable future in an international context.

In this context, our mission aims to:

  • Encourage students to be responsible for their education, to develop their leadership skills, and to prepare them to meet worldwide challenges.
  • Cultivate our students’ critical thinking skills, to help them become responsible and ethical managers; to develop their decision-making skills through practical and professional experiences in a multi-faceted environment.
  • To contribute to new knowledge and innovation in management, management practices, and management education, to benefit the academic and business worlds.
  • To support corporations’ training and hiring needs.
  • To actively participate in discussions that help to maintain, promote, and develop the French higher education system.


The programs offered by ISC Paris Grande École are widely open to international candidates. The admission procedure is organized through a distance competition. This procedure allows international candidates to participate in the competition regardless of their country of origin. Several hundred candidates apply each year to join the Master Grande École and the Bachelor in Management.

Prerequisites and Admission Conditions

Several access routes allow you to join the Master Grande École and the Bachelor in Management at ISC Paris Grande École depending on your level of study from Baccalaureate level to Bac+3 level or equivalent.

You must submit your application on our online application platform and attach the requested supporting documents. The registration fees for the competition are in principle 50 euros for the Bachelor program and 85 euros for the Grande École Program.

The competition is based on the analysis of your application file and a 30-minute motivational interview via Skype

Your academic skills, your personality, and your motivation are the determining criteria in the selection process. Your values, your sense of commitment, your language skills, and your professional project are aspects that we will discuss with you during these discussions to validate the suitability of your profile with the educational offer of the ISC Paris Grande Ecole. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask all your questions about the program and the school to confirm your choice of orientation. We will pay kind attention to it.


ISC Paris is among the business and management Grandes Écoles that rose in various independent rankings in 2020.
Our position improved in five French and international rankings for 2019/2020.

ISC Paris–with a 50-year history and the ability to adapt to the business world’s expectations of employees–is firmly established as one of France’s top 20 best business and management schools.

What do These Rankings Mean? They are a Useful Way to Differentiate Between Schools

In choosing a school, students’ selection criteria should undoubtedly include these types of rankings. But it’s also important to consider your own–highly personal–expectations in terms of the school’s instructional approach, support, proximity to businesses, specializations, learning environment, and value for money. ISC Paris’ reputation is particularly strong in those last two areas.

We are a school on a human scale, where you can get to know other students, form connections with professors, and where we truly support our students in identifying their career goals.

ISC Paris has one of the best “value for money” ratios because we give students the tools to grow professionally and find jobs at highly ranked companies. We’re ranked 13th on the Financial Times “value for money” list, based on the relationship between the cost of education and students’ salaries three years after graduation.

To provide greater access to our programs, we are also committed to offering work/study options for the traditional tracks in all of our programs.

Our Rankings are Rising, Because Our Programs are Solid and Sustainable

ISC Paris’ improved rankings are the result of many unique factors: our Grande École program being accredited by international entities (AACSB, AMBA, and EPAS), our international reputation, the strength of our relationships with businesses, and our graduates’ career success and the return on their educational investment.

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