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Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University


Christian Leadership University: Learning that changes your heart

The Voice of God

Christian Leadership University brings the Voice of God to every learning experience. It’s a unique approach that will transform the way you learn, and you’ll never go back to dry studying again once you do it this way!

From Home

No need to travel, no dorm rooms and lousy cafeteria foods. Instead, use your computer to connect to your professors and learn on your schedule, in your own home!

A learning experience that engages your heart and spirit, not just your mind.

  • 30% International Students
  • 90 Degree Opportunities
  • 100% Learning from your home
  • 13 Concentrations


  • Christian Counseling
  • Ministry
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Bible
  • Theology
  • Youth Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
  • Divine Healing
  • Intercession
  • Prophetic Ministry
  • Christian Leadership
  • Business as Ministry
  • The Arts As Ministry: Creative Writing


Get your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree!

Distance Learning for People in Various Situations

  • The young student preparing for life
  • The mid-career professional changing vocations (The average adult today changes vocations five times, often in a somewhat traumatic manner.)
  • The mature learner seeking life enhancement

Chief Characteristics

The program of Christian Leadership University:

  • Takes you through the whole Bible.
  • Uses guided self-discovery.
  • Focuses on real-life skills.
  • Is life-transforming.
  • Is story-centered (Matt. 13:34).
  • Is inexpensive.
  • Provides mentoring.
  • Trains you how to radiate the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
  • Trains you to sense your heart.
  • Trains you to sense God within your heart.
  • Guides you into revelation knowledge regularly.
  • Trains you to hear and record God's voice daily.*
  • Trains you to to see God's vision daily.
  • Trains you to release God's creativity.
  • Trains you to be naturally supernatural.
  • Trains you to discover your special giftedness.
  • Trains you to hear God through your dreams.
  • Trains you to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Provides for the experience of the truths taught in the classroom.
  • Trains you in your unique areas of giftedness.
  • Trains you to be a leader in your area of gifting.
  • Trains you how to become financially independent.


  • Orlando

    Orlando, USA