Best Doctors of Philosophy 2019/2020 in North America

The PhD can vary depending on the institution and country in which it is awarded. Most scholars pursue a PhD because of strong motivation to contribute to the academic community as well as true curiosity about their chosen field of study. 


For higher education, a master is a great option. Programs can last about two years with a requirement somewhere between 12 and 18 courses at the graduate level. Field of study options may vary widely, allowing students to tailor their education to their needs.

Doctorate in North America

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PhD in Marketing Management

Unicaf University (MW)
Campus Online Full-time Open Enrollment USA New York Greece Athens Romania Bucharest United Kingdom London Egypt Cairo Ghana Accra Malawi Lilongwe Mauritius Port Louis Kenya Nairobi Nigeria Lagos Somalia Mogadishu Zambia Lusaka Jordan Irbid Cyprus Cyprus Online + 26 more

The goal of the Ph.D. programme is to prepare the next generation of leading researchers. The Ph.D. is a programme of independent, self-directed academic research degree, supported by a team of supervisors that makes an original contribution to knowledge written up in a publishable dissertation.

Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Communication

Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication
Campus Full-time Part-time 7 years August 2020 USA Philadelphia + 1 more

Temple University’s Doctoral Program in Media and Communication connects a strong media core with intellectual work in the humanities and social sciences and helps you prepare for a career in academia or career paths in consulting, education, finance, government, industry, law, policy or research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership and Change (PhD)

Pepperdine University
Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years Request Info USA Los Angeles

The Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership and Change program prepares students to become visionary leaders, as well as agents of change in creating new directions in strategy and policy.

PhD in International Studies

University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
Campus September 2020 USA Denver

The Josef Korbel School Ph.D. program combines broad and rigorous training in conventional fields - international politics, comparative politics, international political economy and/or political theory - with ample opportunities for customization, creativity, and exploration. Faculty mentoring ensures each student pursues a productive path of study, whether the goal is college teaching or a career in research, government or the nonprofit sector. Each year, the Josef Korbel School receives approximately 100 applications and accepts 4 applicants, making it a highly sought after and competitive program.

Doctor of Management

Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management
Campus Full-time 3 years September 2020 USA Cleveland

Business leadership is increasingly required to integrate multiple sources of knowledge, understand the perceptions of diverse parties and put human values into action. Executives are challenged to create social, intellectual and economic value for their organizations and for society at large based on rigorous and sound evidence. Recognizing these challenges, the Weatherhead School of Management offers...

Ph.D. in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Georgia Southern University, Department of Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 USA Statesboro

The objective of the Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is to develop scholars who generate and disseminate new knowledge by conducting high-quality research and teach at the university level. The Ph.D. program is delivered via traditional coursework and other research initiatives with faculty in the Parker College of Business.

PhD in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Tulane University - Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Campus Full-time 4 - 5 years August 2020 USA New Orleans

The Ph.D. degree requires a student to reach a critical understanding of the basic scientific and engineering principles underlying their field of interest. In addition, the student must demonstrate the ability to conduct independently an intensive research project and document their results in the form of refereed publications, presentations, and a final thesis dissertation.

Doctoral of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D.)

The George Washington University - School of Engineering & Applied Science
Campus Full-time 4 - 6 years January 2020 USA Washington

The Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering is designed to prepare rising scholars and researchers to apply engineering principles to problems in medicine and biology; to understand and model attributes of living systems and to synthesize biomedical systems and devices in order to produce original research.

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

University of North Texas College of Engineering
Campus Full-time 4 years January 2020 USA Denton

UNT offers the only Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program in the region with focus areas that are well-aligned with pressing social, industrial and government needs. In our program, you can concentrate your studies on any of these new, thriving research and business fields.

Ed.D. in Organization and Leadership

University of San Francisco - School of Education
Campus Full-time Part-time 5 years Request Info USA San Francisco + 1 more

The Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Organization and Leadership is a unique program for working professionals who see themselves as educational leaders transforming their organizations through a learning perspective.

Ph.D. in Engineering - Emphasis in Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Georgia - College of Engineering
Campus Full-time September 2020 USA Athens

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students initiate and drive cutting-edge research that with supporting studies, position them to be new leaders in the advancement of their field and for success in a range of careers in industries.

Applied Physics (PhD)

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Campus September 2020 USA Newark

The Ph.D. program in the graduate field of Applied Physics (AP) provides students with mastery of a broad knowledge base in applied physics, as well as advanced research focuses that prepare them for successful research-driven careers in academia, government or industry.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Key West University
Online Full-time 3 years February 2020 USA Jacksonville

Students who successfully complete the KWU DBA degree program will be equipped to work in senior level managerial roles in a global business environment.

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Campus Full-time 8 years Request Info USA San Antonio

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers advanced coursework integrated with research leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Mechanical Engineering. The program has four concentrations: Thermal and Fluid Systems; Design and Manufacturing Systems; Mechanics and Materials; and Robotics and Control.

PhD in Strategic Leadership

James Madison University
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years September 2020 USA Harrisonburg + 1 more

The strategic leadership program emphasizes business principles, accountability, and leadership theory and applications, which are all areas of reform that national groups have touted as important for new educational, nonprofit and higher education administrators. Students will be instructed in management principles and in the broader visionary perspectives necessary for effective leadership. The program emphasizes practical applications grounded in sophisticated research skills needed for data-based, innovative decision-making in current and future practice.