Best Doctors of Philosophy in Kazakhstan 2019

Requirements for the PhD program often involve the student having already obtained a Master’s degree. Additionally, a thesis or dissertation primarily consisting of original academic research must be submitted. In some countries, this work may even need to be defended in front of a panel.

Students who want to further their education after obtaining a bachelor’s degree may want to pursue a Master. This advanced degree is available in a wide range of areas such as science, business, technology, arts and humanities.

Doctorate Degrees in Kazakhstan

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PhD in Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Kazakh British Technical University (KBTU)
Campus Full-time 3 years September 2019 Kazakhstan Almaty

Doctoral program on specialty "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" is created for a further independent research and defense of doctoral dissertation at the university. Within the frameworks of the course, Ph.D. students study classical and modern approaches of mathematics such as methods of functional analysis, mathematical models of physical processes, a more advanced course of differential equations, in particular, derived equations, etc. In addition, courses on high-productive calculations and computer modeling are given. Thesis Board for the defense of doctoral dissertations on specialty "Mathematical and Computer Modeling" is functioning at our university.