Distance learning Doctorate Programs in Economics 2020 in Europe

Aside from the distinguishing between microeconomics and macroeconomics, students who are studying economics must also learn the difference between positive economics and normative economics. The former deals with that which is, while the later deals with that which ought to be. Other distinguishing characteristics include economic theory and applied economics.

Doctor of Philosophy Distance learning in Economics in Europe

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PhD in Professional direction “Economics”

VUZF University
Campus Online Full-time Part-time 3 - 4 years Open Enrollment Bulgaria Sofia + 2 more

Every economic or managerial problem has financial and accounting aspects. Without knowledge on these fields, it would not be possible to find effective problem solutions. VUZF offers the following professional directions for Ph.D. degree: „Finance and insurance“; „Accounting, control, and analysis”

PhD in Political Economy

SMC University
Online Full-time Part-time Open Enrollment Switzerland Zug

The Ph.D. /Doctorate in Political Economy is an extensive study of the political and diplomatic trends of today, requiring learned to have a solid background in the field both academically and professionally.