Best 6 Doctorates in Ecology 2019/2020

The PhD can vary depending on the institution and country in which it is awarded. Most scholars pursue a PhD because of strong motivation to contribute to the academic community as well as true curiosity about their chosen field of study. 


Ecology is an academic subject that covers topics such as animal ecology, conservation biology, and ecological theory. Individuals may be better prepared for a future career in ecology as they improve their foundational knowledge, as well as their field-specific skills, while studying in their academic program.

PhD Program in Ecology

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PhD in Social Ecology

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague 5 + 1 more

At present, there is a consensus that just having a comprehensive understanding of the planet’s natural system does not suffice. It is necessary to understand the complex interactions between the socio-economic system and the vital planetary systems which provide society with the ecosystem and natural services. The Social Ecology doctoral program contributes to the development of the environmental approaches characteristic in their interdisciplinary nature. The goal of the program is the advancement of knowledge, which should contribute to the creation of a theoretical base from within the strategy of making economic, social, and cultural development sustainable, especially from an environmental perspective.

PhD in Ecology

University College of Southeast Norway
Campus Full-time Part-time January 2020 Norway Drammen Rauland Hønefoss Porsgrunn Bø i Telemark Kongsberg Horten + 6 more

We do research on evolutionary processes in relation to the genetic structure and selection and human issues related to environmental impacts.

PhD in Ecology and Environmental Health

University Fernando Pessoa
Campus Full-time 3 years Request Info Portugal Porto

The Doctoral Programme is related to the course’s teaching staff’s national and international research projects that have resulted in a considerable number of scientific articles.

PhD in Physical Geography and Geoecology

Charles University Faculty of Science
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The post-graduate study subject "Physical Geography" links up with the magister study subject of the same name. In its specializations, the post-graduate study subject covers the whole spectrum of physical geography: a) It develops individual basic scientific disciplines studying partial subsystems of the landscape sphere: Geomorphology and Palaeogeography of the Quaternary, Climatology and Meteorology, Hydrology, Biogeography, Pedogeography, and Geoecology. b) It is concerned with the synthesis of the geographical environment, ensured by complex physical geography. Besides the relations between natural components of the geographical environment, it also covers interactions of physical-geographical and social-economic spheres.

PhD in Ecology

Charles University Faculty of Science
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Ecology is dealing with interactions of groups of organisms related to their abiotic environment. The study is general, i. e. including all groups of taxonomic units. Projects with predominantly biotic interactions have priority over the study of abiotic environment: populations and community ecology, study of ecosystems.

PhD in Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion

California Institute of Integral Studies
Campus Full-time September 2019 USA San Francisco

Our program aims to help students cultivate the knowledge and wisdom to respond to the contemporary ecological crisis from integral and transdisciplinary perspectives.