Top Doctorate Studies in Czech Republic 2019/2020

A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities. Once one attains a PhD he or she may often be referred to as a doctor.

A Master of Arts or Master of Science degree is a graduate-level course of study that typically requires more rigorous and focused work than an undergraduate degree. Students may pursue this education to deepen their understanding of topics learned in undergraduate school or to train for a specific career field.

Doctoral Programs in Czech Republic

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PhD in Philosophy

University of Hradec Králové, Philosophical Faculty
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Czech Republic Hradec Kralove

The Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové offers a Ph.D. Degree which may be pursued in full-time study. The Ph.D. programme is designed for students who have obtained a Master´s Degree in Philosophy and related study disciplines.

PhD Information and Knowledge Management

University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Informatics and Management
Campus Full-time 4 years Request Info Czech Republic Hradec Kralove

The graduate of the doctoral study in Information and knowledge management is a theoretically well-prepared professional capable of conceptual thinking. He is able to analyze information and knowledge needs of organizations, design and manage the development of systems effectively supporting the company knowledge.

PhD Chemistry Didactics

University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Science
Campus Full-time September 2019 Czech Republic Hradec Kralove

Doctoral Study on Chemistry Didactics is the culmination of the three-tier university education. Is a targeted grounding in research activities focused on teaching and learning chemistry, which is based on deepening the knowledge of the chemistry didactics and of the relevant area of chemistry, pedagogy, psychology, computer science and other disciplines, to learn the methods of scientific work in the mentioned fields and will significantly contribute to a comprehensive improvement of the work of chemistry teachers at various levels of the education system, experts on curriculum creation and its evaluation in accordance with current scientific knowledge and research.

PhD Sector Economics and Economics of Enterprises

Czech University of Life Sciences - Faculty of Economics and Management
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2019 Czech Republic Praha-Suchdol

It is supposed that the graduate masters the theoretical foundations of the study area, the basic methods of scientific work in the field of study and the basic forms of permanent collection of worldwide knowledge in the field of study for lifelong learning. Graduates are supposed to be able to design descriptive and normative economic models of economic processes at the macro and microeconomic level and collect relevant documents needed for their formalization. Furthermore, the ability of generalization of scientific knowledge into the form of economic laws is assumed together with their application in the interpretation of specific economic tasks to promote sustainable development.

PhD in Philosophy

Palacky University
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years September 2019 Czech Republic Olomouc + 1 more

Doctoral study of philosophy (P6101) is a full-time or a distanced study programme for three years. In special cases, it is possible to ask for a shortening, interruption or extension. The study program is modular with a credit system.

Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics

Technical University of Liberec
Campus Full-time Part-time 4 years September 2019 Czech Republic Liberec + 1 more

The doctoral study program Applied Mechanics is focused on independent scientific and research projects in the field of mechanics. Its aim is to produce highly-educated and creative graduates capable of taking part in scientific, research and professional applications of the laws of mechanics in mechanical engineering.

PhD in International Relations and European Studies

Metropolitan University Prague
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Three-year Doctoral Degree study programme in International Relations and European Studies conducted at Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations in Prague (IIR) within the scope of the International Territorial Studies programme

PhD in Manufacturing Technology

Brno University of Technology
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2019 Czech Republic Brno

The goal of the doctoral study programme is to provide outstanding graduates from the MSc study programme with a specialized university education of the highest level.

PhD in International Relations

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)
Campus Full-time 4 - 8 years Request Info Czech Republic Prague

Doctoral studies at the FSS are primarily research-based. However, students are also expected to attend a certain number of graduate seminars and lectures (the exact number depends on the subject), so it is not possible for students to complete their doctorate by research alone.

PhD in Physics

Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava
Campus Full-time Request Info Czech Republic Opava

The course is organized in both full time and part time form. A doctoral course can be undertaken by a University graduate with Masters Degree in physics or a related subject. The entrance examination will show specialized knowledge, the ability of the applicant for independent scientific research and verify the applicant’s competence in the English language.

PhD in Anthropology and Human Genetics

Charles University Faculty of Science
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The discipline is focused on physical anthropology and human biology, genetics, ecology, and ethology. It deals predominantly with ontogenetic and phylogenetic development of man, morphological variability and evolution of populations, ethnic anthropology and ethnology, human growth and its disorders, body composition and nutrition, the action of environmental and social factors on man, human behavior and with characteristics at various levels of the biologic organization and their heredity. Molecular genetics includes analyses of different human receptor genes and genetic polymorphisms in variable regions of human chromosomes. Applied specialties include forensic, functional, clinical and industrial anthropology. Special position occupies skeletal and dental anthropology.

PhD in Education

Masaryk University Faculty of Arts
Campus Full-time 4 find your juris doctor Request Info Czech Republic Brno

The aim of this doctoral degree study programme is to prepare scholars in the field of education. A graduate of the doctoral study programme in education is qualified to independently carry out highly specialized scholarly and research activities in educational fields.

PhD in Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague 5 + 1 more

The Doctoral program Semiotics and Communications Philosophy provides the demanding training necessary for qualified philosophical and semiotic research into communication, its evolution, changes and relationships with other social spheres. The field of study is interdisciplinary. The intent is to study communication strategies, their social assumptions, and their effects. The field is conceived theoretically but the graduate may also have access to practical processes because it helps to better understand the role of semiosis in the process of mass media communication. Students are encouraged to build on the traditional lines of exploration of both world and Czech semiotics and communication philosophy to acquire the latest theoretical knowledge and to develop them creatively.

PhD in Biomechanics

Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Biomechanics is an interdisciplinary field of science which, based on the knowledge of anatomy and biochemistry, deals with the mechanical structure and mechanical behavior of living systems and their mutual mechanical interactions. A biophysical and engineering methodological approach to task solving is supported there, by a great degree of knowledge of biological nature. Research is carried out at various levels of distinction, ranging from micromechanics (cell level) to living macro-systems (e.g. human biomechanics). Applications of biomechanics can be encountered in a number of areas of science and professional activities.

PhD in Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

It is an interdisciplinary study program which connects classical physics (particularly continuum mechanics and thermodynamics) with mathematical analysis and numerical mathematics. The student should go through the construction or understanding of the physical model, its mathematical analysis up to its numerical solution.