Best PhDs in Prague in Czech Republic 2019

Requirements for the PhD program often involve the student having already obtained a Master’s degree. Additionally, a thesis or dissertation primarily consisting of original academic research must be submitted. In some countries, this work may even need to be defended in front of a panel.

A Master of Arts or Master of Science degree is a graduate-level course of study that typically requires more rigorous and focused work than an undergraduate degree. Students may pursue this education to deepen their understanding of topics learned in undergraduate school or to train for a specific career field.

Czech Republic is in the heart of Europe is a neighbor of Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and Poland. Czech universities offer long-standing reputation and interesting specializations.

Doctorate Studies in Prague in Czech Republic

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PhD Business Economics and Management (English)

University of Economics Prague - Faculty of Business Administration
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time Part-time 3 years September 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 2 more

In the branch of Business Economics and Management, the research activities of PhD students are focused on such topics as the new theories of the economic organization;

PhD in International Relations and European Studies

Metropolitan University Prague
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Three-year Doctoral Degree study programme in International Relations and European Studies conducted at Metropolitan University Prague (MUP) in cooperation with the Institute of International Relations in Prague (IIR) within the scope of the International Territorial Studies programme

Doctoral Study Programs (Ph.D.)

University of Economics Prague -Faculty of International Relations
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of International Relations take three years and the students are awarded, upon successful completion of the course, the degree...

PhD in Hussite Theology

Charles University Hussite Theological Faculty
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The doctoral study program “Theology”, the branch of study “Hussite theology” with a standard length of study of four years prepares students for independent scientific research and independent creative activities in the area of theology. The branch of study enables students to specialize according to his or her individual study plan. The branch of study provides knowledge of hermeneutical approaches and applies them in the contemporary theological discourse and also in the dialogue with confessional approaches of other theological systems. The subject of the studies is a theological compendium interpreted in the course of the Hussite theology. The goal of the studies is a scientific preparation of first-rate experts that are capable of independent scientific work in the area of theology. The branch is simultaneously oriented to awareness of the fact that from the very beginning there is an effort to new understanding and new interpretation of fundamental theological notions. Thereby the branch is in context with other concepts that were overcoming a metaphysical conception of the world. It deals with the key questions of the Christian belief and Christ present in this world. Students of the branch have got an opportunity to learn how the questions are practically manifested in the current social science of the church as well.

PhD in Medical Psychology and Psychopathology

Charles University First Faculty of Medicine
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Doctoral study program "Medical Psychology and Psychopathology" is engaged in basic and applied research in biopsychosocial relationships. The proposed study opens up possibilities for interdisciplinary doctoral education not only for medical schools graduates, as well as graduates of psychology and some other related fields.

PhD in Inorganic Chemistry

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Campus Full-time Part-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The field of study of Inorganic chemistry is focused on the synthesis of advanced inorganic compounds and materials and studying the relationship between their chemical composition, structure and physicochemical properties using a variety of instrumental characterization methods and theoretical tools.

PhD in Anthropology

Charles University Third Faculty of Medicine
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The aim of the study is to prepare students for scientific research work at the level corresponding to the current requirements of science. In the new study, concept integrates physical anthropology, including genetics, ecology, and ethology, the sociocultural anthropology in a holistic approach to the study of humans and populations. The task of teaching, in general, is to learn the theoretical foundations of the field and mastering the techniques and methodology of scientific research work.

PhD in Biomechanics

Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

Biomechanics is an interdisciplinary field of science which, based on the knowledge of anatomy and biochemistry, deals with the mechanical structure and mechanical behavior of living systems and their mutual mechanical interactions. A biophysical and engineering methodological approach to task solving is supported there by a great degree of knowledge of biological nature. Research is carried out at various levels of distinction, ranging from micromechanics (cell level) to living macro-systems (e.g. human biomechanics). Applications of biomechanics can be encountered in a number of areas of science and professional activities.

PhD in Musicology

Charles University Faculty of Arts
Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague

The individually designed attestation system of the doctoral program provides graduates with an insight into the current state of research and methodology of the subject, especially in the selected area of specialization and closely related disciplines. During the course, graduates also explored philosophical issues connected to their doctoral subjects and topics and passed a foreign language exam. The doctoral dissertation is a scientifically valuable contribution to the investigation of the topic and its findings are usually published as a monograph or study in a scientific journal.

PhD in Philosophy of Religion

Charles University Protestant Theological Faculty
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The purpose of doctoral studies in the field of Philosophy of Religion is for students to cultivate, in the usual way for advanced studies, their ability to examine, using philosophical tools and approaches, religious phenomena and issues relating to the religious dimension of human culture, including theological thought and its traditions. Students learn to reflect critically on these approaches and their results and to interpret them both in their specific context and within the framework of current academic knowledge. In direct connection with its multidisciplinary nature, this study program develops the skills necessary for analyzing complex issues, and students learn to combine various specialist perspectives and discourses in evaluating specific findings and testing hypotheses, while at the same time ensuring that the methods used are appropriate, the thinking is precise, and complex or controversial problems are expressed clearly. The study program not only leads to the acquisition of expert knowledge and skills, but also develops the ability to understand views, concepts, teachings and theories that are non-traditional or differ from one’s own, cultivates argumentative approaches to critical debate, and refines the ability to evaluate oneself and to formulate one’s own opinion or position.

PhD in Computer Science - Theory of Computing, Discrete Models and Optimization

Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The program aims at providing the graduate with the knowledge and research experience in a wide range of fields in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, based both on contemporary theoretical trends and on applications in physics, biology and other branches of science. The graduate gains knowledge and experience necessary to contribute to the research and development on an international level and is ready to take a leading role in shaping the trends in these fields.

PhD in Physical Geography and Geoecology

Charles University Faculty of Science
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The post-graduate study subject "Physical Geography" links up with the magister study subject of the same name. In its specializations, the post-graduate study subject covers the whole spectrum of physical geography: a) It develops individual basic scientific disciplines studying partial subsystems of the landscape sphere: Geomorphology and Palaeogeography of the Quaternary, Climatology and Meteorology, Hydrology, Biogeography, Pedogeography, and Geoecology. b) It is concerned with the synthesis of the geographical environment, ensured by complex physical geography. Besides the relations between natural components of the geographical environment, it also covers interactions of physical-geographical and social-economic spheres.

PhD in Educational Psychology

Charles University Faculty of Education
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The Ph.D. studies in Educational Psychology are training the student in scientific research work in educational psychology, i.e. in psychology applied to educational topics. The studies are not to compensate for the pre-gradual (Master Degree) instruction in Psychology if requested by Chambers or Associations of Psychologists as the condition for the psychology practice or for further studies (especially in medicine). They add researchers’ competence in the field of education by means of psychology and by grasping the context of other sciences of education.

PhD in Contemporary European Cultural History

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague 5 + 1 more

The doctoral Contemporary European Cultural History program aims to prepare experts trained for a widely conceived scientific research in history and cultural history since 1918 until the present day, including cultural heritage and traditions. The field of research is defined as Europe, including the Czech Republic and/or Czechoslovakia, its predecessor. The research should be approached in a supra-regional, inter-disciplinary and possibly comparative way, focusing particularly on the cultural, spiritual, social and political as well as the day-to-day history of Europe since the end of World War I, and the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Lands perceived in its European context.

PhD in Political Science

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)
Campus Full-time 4 - 8 years Request Info Czech Republic Prague

The study programme is primarily designated for the graduates with a Master’s degree in Political Science or any other field of Social Sciences who intend to deepen their knowledge in Political Science, focusing on the issue of democratic and nondemocratic forms of government, changes in political systems,