Top Doctorate Studies in Climatology in Prague Czech Republic

The most popular doctorate is the Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D. Ph.D.s and other study doctorates prepare graduate student to launch new plans that add to the common knowledge base of the field. Candidates for and holders of Ph.D.s often seek professions as professors and researchers, but many also go on to different roles in the charitable, public, and private sectors.

Those with an interest in understanding weather patterns and utilizing this information to make informed, long-term weather predictions may be interested in the study of climatology. Land and building planners are particularly interested in working with climatologists, as their predictions can impact the timing and location of development projects.

Top PhD Program in Climatology in Prague in Czech Republic

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PhD in Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Climatology

Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Campus Online & Campus Combined Full-time 4 years October 2019 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The study program focuses on the physical nature of a wide range of atmospheric phenomena and processes, which, however, also have interdisciplinary application in atmospheric chemistry, oceanology, physical geography, environmental sciences, etc. It is a unique program at Charles University which provides a comprehensive view of the dynamic system of the Earth's atmosphere in a broad interdisciplinary context. Even within the Czech Republic, it is the only program offering education in of atmospheric physics, meteorology, and climatology. From a methodological point of view, a wide range of theoretical, experimental and computational physics applications are used interactively and complementarily.