DBAs in Manama in Bahrain 2020

Should one wish to pursue a career in business-related academia or high-level consulting for businesses, one would need a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). DBA programs are offered by business schools and the business departments at certain universities. 

To become a master, students must complete a required number of courses at the graduate level. This degree typically takes about two years to complete as a full-time student. Choose among a wide range of topics, including engineering, art, and business.

Bahrain has able to incorporate the same education system like the European to improve the quality of higher education among the students in this country. They also have education exchange programs with other students in the world. This has enabled their university institutions to offer internationally accepted education.

Bahrain encourages centres for higher learning, drawing on immigrant talents and the rising pool of Bahrain citizens arriving from abroad with higher degrees. University of Bahrain is the most popular here.

DBA Degrees in Manama in Bahrain

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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Sep 2020
4 years

A Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) offers a new route to a Doctoral qualification. It is designed specifically for experienced leaders in the private, public and thi ...

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